Who we are

Computers-society.org is a non-profit collective — a virtual community and resource site for learning and thinking ethically about computers and society.


To facilitate multidisciplinary communication, learning, and thinking about computers and society and computer ethics issues.


Literature about this increasingly important area is widely scattered. Multi-disciplinary collaboration and discussion among various perspectives are needed.


Founded in May 2021, computers-society.org features:

  1. A regular blog featuring insightful commentary
  2. Pointers to excellent recent books, both academic and trade
  3. Pointers to organizations doing the best research, and to responsible civic society organizations
  4. Pointers to the best articles and research reports
  5. Listings of public online events
  6. A repository of resources for instructors teaching in these areas

    During 2022, we will add:
  7. A space for engagement with and discussion of critical current issues
  8. A showcase for student writing and discussion
  9. Public streamed events