Student Volunteers

Claire French

Student volunteer

Claire French is a student at Barnard College, Columbia University. She intends to major in Political Science and is passionate about the intersection of digital technology, government, and policy formation. Claire recently was a fellow for the Shaun Donovan New York City Mayoral Campaign. She also holds a position on the Events Team of the Columbia Marketing Club and is a member of the Columbia Tennis Club.

Luckyna Laurent

Student volunteer

Luckyna Laurent is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information and is passionate about all things human-computer interaction. Her goal is to bridge the gap between humans and technology. As technology advances, she hopes to apply her interdisciplinary knowledge of computer science, cognitive science, and ethical theories towards researching and building equitable technologies. Her mission at the Computers and Society Organization is to make learning more accessible and to encourage critical thinking of how computers impact society in everyday life.

Anika Malhotra

Student volunteer

Anika Malhotra is a Computer Science student in her sophomore year at Barnard College. As an avid writer, she is pursuing a minor in English; she finds her studies in the ethics of computing technology to lie at the crux of her technological abilities and her more creative, “right-brain” practices from her writing. She aims to focus her research on the psychological effects of surveillance capitalism and the impacts of social media and disinformation on young people.