1. Many countries use driver licences or passports as acceptable forms of identification. Would a national ID card separate from these documents create a more efficient and accessible system?
  2. Consider the growing popularity of YouTube lifestyle vloggers. Do you think putting your life up on the internet, especially for money, is a good idea? How will this recent genre of YouTube videos impact these YouTubers later on in their lives?
  3. Edward Snowden exposed covert NSA surveillance operations to the media. Would you consider his actions ethical and/or heroic?
  4. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, social media users and the U.S. Congress demanded explanations for the misuse of personal data, to which Mark Zuckerberg admitted there were privacy and trust breaches by Facebook. In the past few months, the trendy face-changing app FaceApp came under fire for accessing all of a user’s pictures, location, and log data and storing information in overseas servers.
    1. Does caveat emptor (buyer beware) extend to social media apps? If a person chooses to use an app, is the onus of allowing access to private information on them?
    2. Despite knowledge that some foreign governments eagerly attempt to collect personal information in order to sway elections, spread fake news, and cause similar political mayhem, why do people carelessly give up privacy for entertainment?  

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